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“Just play the game and Do Good Things” 


There was a time when we had a lot more free time, we worked and played in football clubs and we loved getting ourselves kitted out. We played as kids and still do, did some tours and life was good. Then our club gear was difficult to get and our local sports store closed and we were buying from a Big discount warehouse and not getting our kit in time. Some of it started falling apart, we were no longer students and we balked at how long the replacement kit took to get to us. We realised the passing years had taught us something, we had the skills to create something new. 

And therein lays the story of how Match Teamwear was born. Born out of a passion for playing our game outdoors and not accepting the so called super brands poor service and availability of our teamwear gear. We approached a local printer to do our kits printing and then found a good brand in Acerbis to give us good teamwear on time and for a good price. A Price where everyone was compensated. Our printers did not have to close down as they good charge a fair price

It’s about Ordinary people making a positive difference in our community. 

And why Match TeamWear? It's just a name... we still go to the pitches, we play, we use local printers, we look for better gear, we run, we do the kits, we visit our in-laws.. we make kit.. we didn't want it to be complicated. 


Teamwear You'll Love For Longer 

Match Teamwear is a premium multi-sports teamwear and kit brand for clubs, enthusiasts and adventurers. Agile, vibrant and sustainable. We’re digital-first connecting customers online and in our community clubs. We're the only multi-sports teamwear performance brand like this in the UK. Our supply chain is shorter, our price-tags sharp.

Our aim is simple: use digital technology to redefine the UK Teamwear industry and unite the design quality of a performance sports brand with the customer service of a specialist store. 

It is our love of the outdoors that makes Match Teamwear: responsible, expert, enthusiastic, determined and fair. 


10 Things You Might Not Know About Match TeamWear 


2. WE MAKE. In 2020 we have a Factory with 10 makers and seamsters.

3. WE RECYCLE. We gave 1.5 tonnes of playing gear a new home though the Club’s Giving Back Project last year.

4. WE REPAIR. Our partners mended over 1,700 products last year from all brands. 

5. WE’RE SUSTAINABLE. In 2020 We’re the first UK teamwear brand to publish a comprehensive sustainability report.

6. WE’RE INTERNATIONAL. 30% of our web traffic comes from outside the UK. 

7. WE’RE AWARD-WINNING. Acerbis UK, awarded us as the preferred supplier 

8. WE'RE ENTHUSIASTS. We’re with you sharing our love of playing the game outdoors.

9. WE PLANT TREES. We aim to plant over 1000 trees over 2020 and 2021 for our giving back to our planet

10. WE GIVE BACK. Our Match Teamwear group of clubs has supported over 30 grassroots projects.