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About Us

We love to be playing matches and training outdoors, talk about being outdoors and hearing about people being outdoors. We love the outdoor feeling for our kids, we love the banter, the trails to matches. We truly believe getting and playing outdoors is good; I can’t remember when we first coined the phrase Just play the game and Do Good Things.




It is a great privilege to have been tasked with writing this page. Big Ben or Wynn could equally have made a great job… sorry, if you are new to Match Teamwear I have got ahead of myself.

Big Ben? or Wynn? and who am I? Here is a very brief recap… Match Teamwear was formed in 2016 by Big Ben, Wynn, Gary and John (that’s me). We’ve all been involved in the match teamwear as club chairman, coaches, parents and buyers of gear.

The why behind Match Teamwear really started so much earlier. Nope, it didn’t drop out of a spreadsheet, on a set date, with a packet full of funding to propel it into the world. Actually it was launched in 2016 on a shoestring backed by years of finding that our sports shops closed down, our local printers were closing as big labels and big discounters were killing our community and just not helping. We needed people to think more deeply about where they bought their gear and how people are compensated, and that’s the truth.

I dare say we are all seduced by the innovations and the influencers that made everything feel just so damn cool. The reality is we were getting our match gear from some big brand that did not care about the local community. 

We just want to find a different way for the football and rugby sports club’s in our area to help them buy well. You can’t get enough of that kind of stuff.

Mix that in with a spoonful of romanticism as we are now working with UK business’s to create better coaching jackets that we can use on the field but also to use on our long Sunday walks. Can we help our local printers and team.

We are growing steadily and I really believe Match Teamwear has survived these years thanks to the support of our customers and their stories. We simply have the best customers. The relationships forged with our customers has always been direct. 

Many of you reading this will have accompanied this company on its journey. Some of you are still wearing stuff from the early days and that makes us enormously happy. 

So thanks to Wynn for inviting me to write this piece, thank you for visiting, enjoy your stay.

- John